Welcome to Breakdown To Breakthrough with Jaynie Morris. This Podcast Series features Guests whose stories may contain ideas, tips and ‘light bulb moments’ to inspire you in your own life.

Life is peppered with breakdowns – jobs. health, finances, relationships and yes of course all too often – marriages. Yet they all contain pathways for breakthroughs and that is what we need to remember.

In this Episode Jaynie is joined by the Author, Life & Relationship Coach, Homeopath and owner of Unbound Coaching who shares his story and insights into the world of relationships.

Tune in and discover ideas Dr. Neaves shares for breakdowns in relationships and how they can be overcome along with the messages of inspiration of the ‘ordinary achieving the extraordinary. Love, life and fulfillment…we cover it all!

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Do you know someone who has an inspirational BreakdownToBreakthrough story to tell? Email us at info@jayniemorris.com for how to be a Guest on Breakdown To Breakthrough with Jaynie Morris.

Details on more of Dr Nicholas Neave @unboundcoaching  https://www.drneaves.com/ 
https://www.facebook.com/DrNeaves/  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY_AomViv7DE23mCIQ7nxqg

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