In our latest series of BreakdownToBreakthrough, Jaynie D Morris talks with Michael Ray – Founder of Ray Productions whose story is inspirational for all the Single Dads out there! As a Dad at 49 years of age and then becoming a solo dad at 51 Michael started on a quest – making the world a better place for his daughter Charlie.


Michael is passionate about equality and has experienced situations such as being kicked out of his 4-year-old daughter’s ballet for being a man….well let’s say Michael is fuelled in his quest.

Michael has written ‘Who Knew? From Bouncing and barbells to ballet and Braids’ and then co-wrote with his daughter Charlie – ‘A Step in the Right Direction Join Jaynie and Michael on a journey of breakdown to breakthrough that will motivate, inspire and bring about the reasoning for the importance of unity in our community.

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