Exactly one year ago today I embarked on one of the most anxiety-filled adventures in my life.

For those of you who know me well, you know I have been through lots of different ‘adventures’ in life… Some planned and some not (think – Cyclone Debbie, earthquakes, tornadoes… However I digress).

I started a month-long journey in a part of Bali I had not been too with a group of women (average age 23) I had never met, to discover the essence of one of my passions – yoga. I remember the weeks leading up to the day of departure I was excited to finally be doing something for myself that meant I would be a Certified Yoga Instructor, however, more importantly, have time from everything and everyone to be with me.

I remember vividly crying in the car as my Hubby drove me to the airport, trying to find all of the excuses I could use not to get on the plane and ‘reschedule’ as fear had gripped me entirely and my pattern of personal insecurity and lack of confidence (which many would say I hide well) was overwhelming. When I landed at Denpasar Airport, that part of my fear had gone surprisingly and I was now filled with other emotions including the ‘I’m going to be the Grandma with the group… the band totally inflexible… why am I doing this?’ however equally feeling a sense of ‘wow… what if I can do this?’…

boomerbabeslife bali

This photo appeared in the ‘memories’ today and it has prompted me to journal the coming weeks as part of both a remembering of each special day and the gifts it actually brought to me… A woman over 50 in self-discovery mode.


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