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This time last year whilst many of us in Australia at least was coming out of ‘hard lockdown’, I had hope in my heart that the future wouldn’t be changing to one that had regular ‘lockdowns’.  However these are ever-changing times and as I reflect it’s clear that life is like that….ever-changing.

One of the things that I have always wanted to do however to be honest, never known exactly how to start, is journalling.  When hard lockdown started in 2020 and I was advised by my medical specialists to remain in ‘hard lockdown’ a little longer when restrictions began to lift, I thought I would use that time to start journaling.  

I’ve always loved writing and goodness knows my business career has often called for that skill, however when it came to putting pen to paper about my own life and my own thoughts…well? Let’s just say I have great respect for professional Authors when they say they have ‘writers block’!

I’m not sure if it is the perceived discipline of writing at the end of each day (during lockdown it was a toss between starting my daily journal or watching another episode of Farmer Wants A Wife!….See what I mean? The struggle is real hahaha!), or the thought that if I actually put my real truths on paper that one day someone would find them and discover a different Jaynie to the one they actually knew?

When I wrote my 1st book – Against Their Odds – it was so easy.  I had been given 2 months to live and had proved them wrong.  The words just flowed on my typewriter (ok …so it was my computer keyboard however I often imagined I had one of those amazing black metal typewriters with the gold lettering like I had learned how to type on decades ago…so romantic!) as the ‘story’ and its backstory was so alive in my heart.

Perhaps that is the ‘journal’ block? Perhaps I am overthinking its purpose and trying to work out what the end result is? Does it have to have a result?


I hear people recommending journaling all the time and in fact, I am about to embark on a new exciting training course that absolutely insists on it! The fear that is bringing up is unreal!

So here I am …just like millions around the world…sitting here back in a hard ‘lockdown’. My Personal Counsellor is encouraging me to start journaling now more than ever before.  She has given all of the great and exciting reasons and even shared what she does and how it benefits her….yep…I am still not getting it.

Or am I? Isn’t what I am doing right here in this BLOG similar? Haven’t I been doing this for a while? Does it actually have to be every day…at the end of every day…in a private space….etc etc etc?

Actually no it doesn’t. I think it could be even as simple as one paragraph or even 1 sentence of something, anything. 

Ha! I get it! Now I see it! Wow…why do we often overthink life? Why do we often allow our minds to try and complicate things? Why don’t we simply allow ourselves to stop…take time…and let life flow? I can do that. In fact, I think I will jump online and order that gorgeous pink linen journal I have always wanted right now.

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- Heart Hugs, Jaynie xxx

Jaynie Morris

Jaynie Morris is an Author, Speaker and Advocate for Women over 50.  She is the Founder of SheroesUnlimited Global Community for Women Over 50. 

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