Every book is a ‘story’ and every ‘story’ has someone who is passionate about sharing it. Our SheroesUnlimited – Behind The Book Series shines a light on inspiring women over 50  Authors and helps us get to know more about what ‘inspired’ them. Join SheroesUnlimited Founder – Jaynie Morris – as she chats with the Authors and ‘digs a little deeper’ into their books. Sometimes when we read a book we can ‘feel’ the author throughout the pages.

Anke Herrmann is a woman of many talents! As a woman over 50, she has already carved out an inspirational life having lived in several countries and created a successful fashion business … to name one amazing accomplishment! Her debut book – ‘Taming the Tech Monster’, helps us easily navigate our way through tech frustration and even discover the fun of it all! Anke is featured in the August 2020 issue of our SheroesUnlimited Magazine, so it made total sense to continue the #spreadingthelove by having her featured in our SheroesUnlimited – Behind The Book Series! Join Jaynie and Anke as they go ‘behind the book’ and a little bit more and keep inspiring women over 50!

Order Anke’s Book – Taming the Tech Monster here
Read Anke’s full interview in the August Issue of SheroesUnlimited Magazine here

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