Every book is a ‘story’ and every ‘story’ has someone who is passionate about sharing it. Our SheroesUnlimited – Behind The Book Series shines a light on the Authors and helps us get to know more about what ‘inspired’ them. Join SheroesUnlimited Founder – Jaynie Morris – as she chats with the Authors and ‘digs a little deeper’ into their books. Sometimes when we read a book we can ‘feel’ the author throughout the pages.

’90 Seconds to a Life You Love!’ – Possible? Absolutely and Dr Joan Rosenberg shares exactly how in her latest book which outlines how to master your difficult feelings, Cultivate lasting Confidence, Resilience and Authenticity! Bestselling Author and Psychologist Dr Joan Rosenberg is known as an innovative thinker, trainer & speaker. Joan shares her life-changing ideas & models for emotional mastery, change & personal growth in professional & educational seminars, psychotherapy session & graduate psychology.

Jaynie explores the Rosenberg Technique as well as early life experiences that shaped Dr Rosenberg’s foundations for her lifechanging work and ideas which are transforming lives around the world.

Dr Rosenberg is also featured in our August 2020 SheroesUnlimited Magazine, so it made total sense to continue the #SpreadingTheLove by having her featured in our SheroesUnlimited – Behind The Book Series! Join Jaynie and Dr Rosenberg as they go ‘behind the book’ and a little bit more!

Order Dr Joan Rosenbergs Book – 90 Seconds to a Life You Love here
Read Dr Joan Rosenbergs full interview in the August Issue of SheroesUnlimited Magazine here

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