Lainie Anderson – Voluntary Assisted Dying South Australia Spokesperson

Voluntary Assisted Dying SA Legislation & Awareness As debate continues on the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill in South Australian State Parliament, new research shows 80% of South Australians support choice and compassion for people with an incurable illness. On this episode of TalkTheWalk, Lainie Anderson joins me to provide insight on this sensitive topic as well as helps us understand the safeguards being put in place to ensure the person accessing VAD and their families are informed and protected in the process.

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To support, you can contact your local Member of Parliament in the SA Upper House. BONUS – Lainie is the Author of the incredible Book – “Long Flight Home’ In her words – “In 2009 I was asked to dedicate one of my Sunday Mail columns to the old Vickers Vimy aircraft at Adelaide Airport. I began researching the huge, open-cockpit WWI bomber and was amazed to discover it had been the first plane flown across the world from England to Australia in 1919. I couldn’t believe the pilot, Adelaide-born Ross Smith, had been one of Australia’s most decorated airmen of WWI (he’d even been Lawrence of Arabia’s pilot!) The story was so awe-inspiring, yet so sadly forgotten, that I decided to write a book. But what kind of book? When I learned that one of the Vimy mechanics, Wally Shiers, was engaged to his sweetheart Helena before the war, I knew it had to be historic fiction. So I set about creating a boys own adventure – for girls! “

You can get your copy from Wakefield Press – or visit

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