As women over 50, we have an exceptional opportunity in life.

Let us explain….

When we are younger, if things went wrong or not how we planned we would often struggle to see the ‘forest for the trees’.

With each year that we have gone through, life has dropped ‘seeds’ and lessons which whether we used them at the time (or indeed even realised what they were) or not, have been filed nicely in our ‘mental tool box’ for later use.

Now that we are older, things still go wrong from time to time and indeed may not be how we planned however now we can stop and take time to analyse it all.

Now we can look at the situations and discern what went wrong, what we could do differently and perhaps even have solutions just ‘pop into our heads’! That is our ‘mental tool box’ at work…sending us help when we need it.

When we realise that is what is happening and more importantly, just how incredibly powerful we women over 50 are, we can turn those challenges upside down! We become the inspiring women over 50 we know that we are and THAT is how our comeback makes a difference!

Have you found this happen in your life? Take some time and reflect on a situation and then think about what you could have done differently or what you would change next time and be proud of the outcome you can create.

You have it within you…we know you do!

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