At this time of the year, there are 2 things I don’t do 1) I don’t do winter AND 2) I don’t do breakfasts. With that in mind, as I heard an unfamiliar noise (an alarm clock – another thing I don’t usually use) I prepared myself to venture out into 7C darkness and head-on into the Town Hall for a sold-out event – Breakfast with the Australian Treasurer – The Honourable Josh Frydenberg.

Organized by South Australia’s BusinessSA, it proved to be well worth the ‘personal sacrifice’. I wanted to hear directly from the Treasurer the measures of how the latest Budget for Australia was formed and equally important, how he and the Government would ensure that our ‘safety net’ that we have enjoyed throughout the pandemic, would continue. I summoned the courage (trust me when you are in a room where 80% are male and there is a definite ‘business at all costs’ focus – strong women need to #StepUpToThePlate) to ask a question regarding #ChecksAndBalances on the actual distribution of funding to the allocated areas.ย  The answer was solid and acknowledging of potential bottlenecks.

I left the event with an added bonus.ย  BusinessSA Chair – Nikki Govan – spoke on stage several times and it was her words that instilled confidence for the coming months.ย  Her knowledge, expertise and obvious passion to ensure that positive growth and change would occur, was inspiring.

So as I returned into the day, I wasn’t disappointed for breaking my #NoWinterNoBreakfasts rule.ย  Another reason to get out and experience life when the opportunity presents itself…you never know what ‘gems’ you might discover apart from the obvious.

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