Let's Have A Chat With Jaynie Morris

NEW IN 2022 – ‘Breakdown2Breakthrough’ Podcasts! – We have all experienced some form of ‘breakdown’ in our lives…the key is to discover the ‘breakthrough’ that it brings! Every guest from around the world that joins me on this new Series has done just that!

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Let's Have A Chat With Jaynie Morris

I often hear the term – ‘Walking The Talk’ – well now I go one step further! In each episode of TalkTheWalk I feature people who are living their lives through following what’s most important to them. Some have great stories to tell, others have causes that need to be shared whilst others have had life-changing moments that have started in a totally different direction than they ever expected!

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SheroesUnlimited Podcast

Do you love listening to inspiring women from around the world who have overcome challenges, achieved their goals, and support each other?

Welcome to the ‘SheroesUnlimited Series’! We chat with amazing women who share their stories and advice in 20 minutes or less. Know someone who would make a great guest? Or want to be on the show yourself? Let us know!


In celebration of 10 years in 2022 of being given only 2 months to live in 2012, I am reading excerpts from the book I wrote about my journey – Against Their Odds – in the hope that the story and inspiration intended may help others. Help as a reminder to never give up. Help as a reminder that when we follow our intuition and our heart, in the face of adversary life and hope always wins!

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Behind The Book Podcast Cover - 2

Introducing the “Behind The Book” podcast, where you get an exclusive glimpse into the lives of your favorite authors! From the inspiration behind their books to their personal journeys and struggles, you’ll hear it all straight from the authors themselves.

Don’t miss out on this fascinating opportunity to learn about the “story” behind the story.

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Let's Have A Chat With Jaynie Morris

Women In Politics – Independents Day Podcast Series’ – This Special Series has been created to find out more of many of the amazing women who have decided to take action and step up! Women who have decided #enoughisenough and want to make positive change in the place it counts – Governement! TUNE IN HERE 

PLUS – Get the latest issue of SHEROESUNLIMITED Magazine March 2022 featuring more of these amazing women CLICK HERE

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