This is me now…

This is me now – I’m a Mother, Daughter, MotherInLaw, GrandMother (Yay!), Friend, and passionate woman over 50!

Continually filling my ‘cup of life’ up many times, the overflow is constant however I keep on pouring into it!

Every time my ‘passion for life’ gets triggered I follow the path which has led me to being an Author, Speaker, CEO of companies, Life Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, qualify in the Health Practitioner arena, Hatha Yoga Instructor, and lover of all things wellbeing!

In 2018 I became the Founder & Owner of a Global Organisation for Women over 50 as a result of experiencing the multitude of areas in our society that could benefit from such an organisation.

My dear friend the Late Great Jim Rohn used to say “Find a person who has lost everything…who has lost their house, business, marriage, money….and take them out to lunch.  Make sure you take good notes on everything they say. Then make sure you don’t do anything they did!” Hahaha!

That’s what I am inviting you to do. Join me, let me show you the peaks and the valleys, and together let’s discover the glorious power and beauty that we know we have within!

Jaynie Morris

Where I started …

Life began happily … born into a family living in the Riverland of Australia. Youngest (by SO MANY years!) of 4 children to the most beautiful, talented and vibrant Mother and equally good looking, charismatic Father.

Our family moved to Adelaide when I was 3 and by the time I was 4, I became one of the 1st in my neighbourhood to be in a Single Parent Family. 

This fact alone started my early understanding of social challenges which also included my exposure to the inequality and injustice towards our First Nations people. 

My cousin was an adopted Stolen Generations girl and whilst we were best friends and spent every possible moment for most of our lives until late teens together, the challenges and overwhelming issues she faced in our community cut deep in both of us. 

This experience cements my commitment to promoting unification and equality within our society for all Australian First Nations People.

The rest of my childhood and early adulthood was both colourful and full. Moments of great achievements and equally, moments of being bullied for what I was to learn later included jealousy, ignorance and being ‘sidelined’ as the child of a divorcee (not a common situation back then).

Blessed with having my best friend & mentor – my gorgeous Mother – with me every step of the way, I have to say that the stories from that part of my life alone that were the bricks and mortar that have created who I am today…are definitely worth revisiting for #inspo on resilience, self-esteem and ‘manifestation’ in life.

Adult life was full …

I’ve travelled the world, I’ve been in the top positions including CEO and Senior Management for companies. As a Global Citizen, I have been on the Personal Development Circuit and spoken to groups of 10 – 5000, always taking away ideas and inspiration from them all.

Throughout life, I’ve endured direct ‘glass ceiling’ moments in business and been treated by righteous attitudes to be made to feel not worthy as a woman in certain employment roles.

The midlife crisis …

In 2012 I was given 2 months to live after a suspected gall bladder issue turned out to be 87% of my Liver dead! Pulling every ounce of what I had within me – I healed myself and today spend every moment of my life in gratitude. 

Like anyone who has experienced a health crisis, I worked on making changes.  I use this experience as one of my tools when helping others.

I love to hear the stories of others and wherever possible, I find a way to help if I can.  It is a natural character trait inherited from my Mother and I use it often.  It is exciting to know that things can change…for the better or worse…based on our thoughts and attitudes.  I’m committed to sharing what I have learned, and continue to learn in my life, with others!

Collaboration with women over 50 worldwide is a focus and I’m excited! Excited about the resources, tools, inspiration and ‘AhHa moment’ opportunities I’m able to share!

I’m committed to transforming me and I’m committed to helping you transform too! 

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