Against Their Odds: “Eternal optimism saved my life!” by Jaynie Morris (eBook)


Jaynie Morris mistook symptoms and abdominal pains for years as potentially over stress and menopause. She was rushed to Wakefield Hospital in 2012 with severe stomach aches that initially she thought would be a case of keyhole surgery for a gall bladder issue. Within hours she was given the news that no one wants to hear— most of her liver was dead and she would probably need a liver transplant.

As a former nurse, Jaynie understood more than the obvious issues that she now faced however pulling on her inner strength and ‘eternal optimism’ mindset…what unfolded in the next few weeks was incredible.

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News Corp Article on Jaynie’s Miraculous Survival Story
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Jaynie Morris was seriously ill with a mysterious disease that was destroying her liver. By focusing on her hopes and dreams and not her fears she managed to beat the life-threatening illness and find great happiness.

This is a story of faith and loves triumphing over impossible adversity. The doctor’s had given up all hope-giving Jaynie only 2 months to live without a liver transplant … but the waiting list was over 6 months. What would you do?

Within these pages, you will find inspiration so you too can stand “Against Their Odds”.

Jaynie’s inspirational book in .pdf format for you to enjoy.


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