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As a woman over 50, I feel strongly that together we have a responsibility not just to ourselves, however to the generations to come. We all have the wisdom that is a life experience! As we peel back the layers of our own ‘stories’ we can find the value and strength to make a difference. Finding the ways to make a positive impact and contributing to real change in our communities and for our planet….now THAT is what life is about!

However….we need to take care of ourselves first and I know that is easier said than done.  Our lives incorporate generations of conditioning.  Some of us have found ways to breakthrough early in life and some of us…well we are still looking for that ‘light at the end of the tunnel’. So here we are together. Exploring, discovering, and finding the ways in what I love to call our ‘3rd Act!’ 

I believe that we need to ‘Breakdown to Breakthrough’.  So as we head on out in this journey together, my hope is that the ‘Breakdowns’ become less harsh and the ‘Breakthroughs’ increase abundantly!

Imagine … TransformingNOWTogether!

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