When your world is messy

One of my biggest challenges is that I have so many thoughts and so many things I want to write. I have a notebook beside my bed and in the dark of night I have learned how to write down ‘bullet points’ to remind me for the next day … without turning on the light! (Yes I know … impressive right? Trust me it is an ‘art’. The 1st few times it looked like my Doctor had written a prescription for me!! 😊 )

I find myself listening to podcasts (I absolutely LOVE podcasts!) as I am driving and then BAM! Ideas will come into my head and I keep pulling over to the kerb to write them down with full intention of following up and expanding when I get home (Delusional … because as we all know, when we walk in the door at the end of the day there are usually multitude of ‘distractions’ right?)

So … why is this a challenge? To be honest it is a subconscious challenge that festers and creates anxiety within. Anxiety because it wants to ‘come out’. It wants to be made manifest and through its building up in my ‘mind bank’ without release, it often causes anxiety to try and get my attention.

This week I found myself thinking more about ‘balance’ in life. (I can hear the shrills of laughter from my closest girlfriends on that one!) As I was out on my morning hike the other day, I passed by two women sitting on a bench having what appeared to be a ‘catchup’. They looked like they were just like me , women over 50, and their conversation appeared a little intense. As I approached, even though I had my earphones on listening to ..yes a Podcast 😊 … I heard one of them say “what you need to do is find the balance in your life”. Now that was scary because a few seconds prior to that Esther Hicks was discussing the concept of ‘balance’ in my ear!

Later that day, I was working through the latest projects my team and I are creating for my Company – SheroesUnlimited​. All of a sudden I found myself in procrastination mode. My desk was full of notebooks, computer, magazines and files that all pertained to what we were doing. I had a huge pile of information and data on the latest trends for women over 50 (yes we women are my #1 passion for sure!) Then my phone message pinged to remind me of 2 personal appointments I needed to attend and THEN my phone alarm went off to remind me to get to the shops to buy something to cook for dinner!!! I turned my computer off and just sat there. Staring (for the 1st time all day) out the window and started thinking about what I had really wanted to do that day which started the 1st chapter of a very important book I want to write!

My thoughts returned to my morning hike and the woman on the bench. Then I started to think more about the term ‘finding balance’.

So often now we hear this statement “the key to happiness is finding your balance in your life”. Well yes, I agree with that however more often than not I don’t hear the next sentence which I think should be “and here are some suggestions/tracks to follow that may help you in various situations”.  

The ‘key’ there is ‘various situations’. You see whilst I agree 100% that finding balance in our lives, especially in this fast-paced world we live in today, it is not just a ‘one quick fix’ for all, especially for we women over 50 I feel.

Here is my example – you have your work, your home, your family, your partner, your friends, your community, your financial situation, your health, your projects etc … all going on every day in some form. Sometimes it is all ‘flowing’ in a perfectly positive way however sometimes it is super messy and overwhelming. Sometimes it is manifesting within yourself as anxiety and in chronic cases – depression. Now in this ‘messy world’, how do you find your balance? How do you even break through all of the ‘mess’ and breathe?

I certainly don’t have the answer and I suspect that no one person on this planet has that ‘golden envelope’ with the perfect solution either. However what I feel is in these times, especially for we women over 50, is that taking that step outside of ourselves and seeking some advice from people that are not attached to personally, is a great start. I have found a counsellor who helps me with my business ‘balance’ and I see her from time to time when I find the ‘mess’ is overwhelming. After EVERY session, I walk away with a great deal of clarity and a track towards balance. I also have a personal counsellor who is my absolute rock for when my personal life gets out of whack. Again, after every session, I walk away that little bit stronger and with clarity of balance. Now I am not suggesting that this is the answer, however, what I have learned is that in order to get some sort of ‘balance’ in life on every level, it is wonderful to seek out people and ‘tools’ to put into your ‘life tool kit’ that you can dig in and get the help when things get messy.

In the meantime, if you have actually discovered that ‘golden envelope’ I would love to hear from you … sharing ideas and processes with others is the greatest help … especially for we women over 50!

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