The Key To World Peace!

I often find myself pondering the multitude of ideas that flood into my mind in the darkness of the night…you know the ones – ideas of changing the world, running for politics, creating solutions for the many challenge’s we women over 50 face on a daily basis.  I tell myself that it is ok that I’m not asleep and that in fact, I am sure that if I Googled ‘what time of the day is most popular for Genius ideas to be born?’ the answer would more often than not be ‘on average 3am in the morning’!

Trying to work out when the last night was that I actually fell asleep and slept soundly for at least 7 hours straight, hasn’t actually helped. (although I did try to convince myself it was the ‘grown up’ version of counting sheep ).  

Most nights I now find myself consumed with thoughts.  Thoughts of what I can do next with my business in order to make it of more ‘value’ to women over 50 worldwide.  Thoughts of which ‘woman over 50’ I could speak with next to interview because their ‘story’ is so important to tell.  Then there are the thoughts that take up most of my night…what can I do to ‘turn back the clock’ and do what I had really wanted to do as a Mother, as a Daughter, as a Friend… instead of what I actually did in my career.  (another whole blog right there for sure).  

As a ‘wellness’ advocate, I have tried everything ‘natural’ to turn this tidal wave of awakeness around.  The teas, the supplements, my yoga, excessive exercise, early to bed with a book…the list is endless, and I have done it all.  I’ve discussed it with many of my girlfriends and I’ve given myself permission to take a prescribed sleeping tablet once a week simply to get at least one full night’s sleep because the alternative is wreaking havoc on my health.

I have denied to myself that it is part of the ‘aging process’ even though it appears to be written in most newspaper articles and ‘wellness’ books that it is to be expected, especially with we women over 50 as we go ‘through the change’.  However, I can’t remember ‘going through the change’? One minute I had my monthly periods and next minute I didn’t?

The ‘aging process’ is not something I have ever subscribed too and given in my mind I am still feeling like a 30-year-old, (by the way…where have those decades gone??) I am having to admit that some things simply aren’t doing what they should be.

So, I have resigned myself to the fact that the ‘fruits of my insomnia’ are a good thing.  (the #EternalOptimist in me never fails!) That this ‘not sleeping’ thing is a part of maturing and actually increasing levels of wisdom.

After all, how often have any of us spent tossing and turning and finding ideas about absolutely everything springing into our thoughts, promising ourselves we will remember that ‘great idea’ and write it up the next morning to action.  How many times have we convinced ourselves at 3 am that what we have just invested in the last 2 hours in thinking about, will end those stupid issues in the workplace and will be loved by everyone we tell tomorrow?

I had another of those nights last night and as my weary body and aching head struggles through this glorious day outside (that I am missing because I am so darn tired), I am thinking that I should leave the solutions for world peace to someone else tonight, and hope that the there are plenty of ‘sheep to be counted’ that will bore me enough…or perhaps I may just discover the secret to it all at 3 am and try it out tomorrow night. 

Either way…..we SheroesUnlimited (women over 50) continue to fill the night’s ether with the ‘solutions of the world’ with the gentle reminder that after all …. We women can rule the world with this ‘wisdom of the night’….just saying 😉

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