In this ‘BehindTheBook’ Podcast, Jaynie Morris interviews Internationally bestselling author Fiona McIntosh who returns with The Spy’s Wife, her most thrilling and passionate adventure story yet. Evie, the strong-willed and fearless stationmaster’s daughter, is captivated by a handsome, enigmatic man who she knows only as The Southerner. When they finally speak they’re instantly enthralled by each other and, after the loss of her husband, Evie feels she may, for the first time, have another shot at happiness. But with news of a charismatic, dangerous new leader in Germany and whisperings of a German spy in their midst, Evie is forced to question just how well she knows her new suitor and the lengths she would go to protect him.

Fiona talks about the inspiration behind her latest book, the challenges that COVID gave her writing of the book and a fascinating insight into what she is doing now. Fiona was in Europe when news of Australian border closures reached her. Where she would normally spend months and multiple location visits building the layers of detail to her story, her research was condensed to a matter of days. She toured her locations on foot, soaking up details of the sights, sounds and smells and taking note of her emotional response to buildings and sites of historic significance. A team of historians in Munich offered to help fill in gaps for her while she worked on the novel in lockdown from her home in South Australia.

Fiona’s book ‘The Spy’s Wife’ is available from our book section at The Shop on our website.

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