In this episode of SheroesUnlimited – BehindTheBook Podcast Jaynie Morris is joined by Author Pamela Segneri discussing her 1st book – The Seed of Faith.

Pamela is the co-founder of Integrity Restoration Ministries and the CoFounder & Host of FirestartersTV all of which have lead her to finally put pen to paper and write about her passion of helping others.

Based on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia, Pamela’s love of books started when she was a Book Store Owner in South Australia. Her love of reading and her understanding of the power of the written word has always been the driver to her seeking a way to create herself. She is another great example of how we women over 50 can do anything…at any’s never too late to start!

Join Jaynie as she finds out more about Pamela and the steps she took to bring her 1st book to ‘life’.

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Pamela’s book ‘The Seed Of Faith’ can be purchased at
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