SheroesUnlimited Behind The Book Series #04 | Tracy Secombe With Jaynie Morris

Jaynie Morris with Tracy Secombe Author of – From people pleaser to soul pleaser

Born in a country town in Australia, Tracy discovered at a young age that if she was ‘people pleasing’ then she would get the acknowledgement and acceptance that she craved. A high achiever, she has created several successes throughout her life however along the way was uncovering that ‘people pleasing’ wasn’t actually what life was about and at the age of 47 her ‘burnout’ as a result along with the passing of her much loved Mother, led Tracy on the discovery that Soul Pleasing was far more valuable.

In this interview with Jaynie Morris, Tracy shares the steps along the way that many women – especially women over 50 – find that don’t serve them in life and how she discovered the way forward that was both easy and simple to follow.

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