We featured Donna Sharam in a recent issue of our SheroesUnlimited Magazine (grab your copy here) because when we saw her incredible artwork in Author Mel Dee Dzelde’s new book – AZZURRA (available for purchase from our shop) we knew this amazing woman had to be shared more with the world! Donna grew up in the Australian bush near Coonabarabran, a town that sits on the divide between the Central West and North West Slopes regions of New South Wales. She loved country life, riding horses and swimming in the local creek in summer – fun and laughter.

At 18 Donna moved to Sydney to study Fashion Design at the Sydney College of the Arts. A new life had begun and her creativity was flowing.

After graduating from college work in the fashion industry was a mixture of fun and hard work, with trips to China and Hong Kong along the way.

Join Jaynie Morris as she chats with Donna about life, love, art and all things joy through her global success from her love of colour! For more information – To read the article in SheroesUnlimited Magazine go here.

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