Can you feel it? Can you see it? Can you hear it?

It’s the voices and actions of women around the world who have said ENOUGH! Women who have decided that it’s time for them to step up and take action for their communities and future generations.

Why? Because what they see has been happening around the world for far too long is ‘the same old same old…’ and nothing positive is changing.

To help their ‘voices’ we have created this Special Series Podcast – ‘Women In Politics – Independents Day Podcast’ – showcasing some of these amazing women so that who they are, what they are doing and why can be understood by us all. Each Guest is standing in their local electorate to be elected into Parliament for the upcoming Elections.

Some are standing up for Seats in State Elections and others for Federal.

Despi O’Connor is the Independent Candidate for Flinders in the upcoming 2022 Federal Australian Elections.

She grew up in Doncaster, Victoria with my parents and 3 siblings spending many weekends as a young child at my grandparents’ dairy farm helping out and spending time outside, riding horses, baling hay, attending chickens, calves and veggie gardens, riding motor bikes and milking cows. 

Despi’s Mum and Dad grew their own small business out of nothing. They were hard workers, but also incredibly generous with their time and support for our school and sporting communities. They were always involved, and so it was only natural that their children would grow to be the same. Hard working and involved with their communities. 

Early volunteering at school formed the platform  leadership roles at primary and secondary school and in sporting clubs, even helping to start up a ski club at university.  The step to councilor in her local Community and then Mayor was really a natural progression and one she wanted to make to give her community a voice.

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