Sexual assault, gaslighting, corruption, & disrespect are often an Authors main ingredient for their latest Crime Book.

They also form part of the reality that often occurs in the workplace, in the home & the community at large.  

For the longest time, the conversations around these issues have been silenced due to various reasons.  In the workplace, they can include the fear of losing one’s job if the issues are raised.  In the home, it can be the fear of becoming homeless or without support if the issues are raised.  In the community, it can be the fear of being misunderstood or labelled unnecessarily if the issues are raised.

What is common with all of those examples is the overarching fear…of not being believed – of not being heard – of being ‘victim shamed’.

Recently in Australia, the spotlight has been put squarely on our countries Leadership and the Governing Community in Canberra.  It has become clear to all who weren’t already aware, that the workplace culture in our Parliament – from all sides – reflects a dangerous space.  We look to our Parliaments as the ‘guides’ for our communities.  We elect our Politicians with the hope that they will represent us and always have our best interests in all that they do.  We tick the Ballot Paper next to their name with trust in our hearts that they will powerfully, effectively and without personal agenda, lead us always towards positive, transparent and nationally focused outcomes.

As a result of recent events in Australian Politics, (a quick Google can bring you up to date)  #March4Justice has been created.  This Rally on March 15th 2021 was originally thought to be just happening in Canberra on the 1st Sitting Day of the next Parliament work sessions. The idea was the vision of Janine Hendry.  It became clear that ALL of Australia wanted to participate and has now grown to Rallies in every Capital City and regional areas across the Nation.

Social Media is now full of information about the Rally however encouraging though is it is also full of information on ‘back stories’ and new stories.  It is full of questions and solutions.  This is the exciting part…women and men are linking arms to take us beyond the Rallies and work to actioning real change now!

I contributed to one such question on Social Media and felt it worthy to share.  (I have edited the question for privacy reasons however the content is a duplication from others)

QUESTION: “I’m thinking about attending the March 4 Justice but unsure. My query is genuine…

I don’t usually attend protests as I often see them as just ‘symbolic’ and don’t see real change created long-term.

What are some of the actions around the issue of sexual assault that could be developed and actioned after the Rally? Will March 4 Justice really make a difference?”

MY ANSWER: “Great question and one which I am sure many others are probably asking themselves however perhaps not sure how to ‘ask’ others. If I can add to others and perhaps help you in seeking your answer.

Firstly, it’s important to understand that the #March4Justice Rally has been overwhelmingly supported by both men and women because the issues of sexism, misogyny, safety for both women & men in the workplace, corruption and transparency are BIG issues that for far too long affect every area of our society. 

The overarching conversation includes the workplace as a part, for as we know these issues are constant in public and private spaces too. 

This Rally is the pivotal point for our History. I understand your question on where to from here?’ that is more often than not a ‘missed opportunity’ after rallies and protest. I agree with you. 

That is why this #March4Justice contains a powerful ability to be the arrow head’ for what is vital, not just for women and men in the workplace, however for every woman and man in the future. Part of the underlying problem that has us in this place in time, is the way in which our culture views the places of women in society. The changes from the old days’ (as one very dear son of a friend refers to it) that should have evolved as we as a society have in many ways – has not. 

From what I have seen in the organisers and participants for #March4Justice the intention is to have an ongoing action plan and pathways for women and men to achieve the change we want. That is where the power in this Rally will lie. It’s up to us all to ensure that we grasp that and sustain. That will be our job. 

As #March4Justice philosophy states – ‘We believe by respecting gender and working together we can achieve more than working separately.’ So, as I see it, if we don’t actively participate and/or support these vital Rallies then can we expect there to be changed? I hope that my thoughts have helped your question?”

I also hope that for you as the Reader today, that along with all of the other information you are allowing yourself to inform you, that this has contributed to your personal views on how you can become part of the solution … for our community now and future generations.

We have a huge opportunity for change here, let’s not miss it.

If anything in this BLOG brings up personal issues or if you – or anyone you know – needs help, there is support.

These are some of the following support services in Australia.

LIFELINE – 13 1114
EMBOLDEN – https://embolden.org.au/
REACHOUT – https://au.reachout.com/
BEYOND BLUE – 1300 22 4636

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– Heart Hugs, Jaynie xxx

Jaynie Morris

Jaynie Morris is an Author, Speaker and Advocate for Women over 50.  She is the Founder of SheroesUnlimited Global Community for Women Over 50. 

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