When Adjunct Professor John Mendoza signed a 3-year contract as the Mental Health Executive Director for the Central Adelaide Local Health Network, he could not have forecast that at the 1-year mark he would be resigning.  

In this episode of TalkTheWalk with Jaynie Morris, Professor Mendoza discusses the reason why he made that decision, his major concerns for the Mental Health Services and Systems crisis in South Australia, what challenges continue, and his hope for the future.

This candid and open conversation uncovers more on the ‘Shut Up’ order given by SA Health over his public findings of a massively flawed system and the refusal and lack of commitment by authorities to mental health reform.

During his 1st 12 months, Professor Mendoza created a 10 point plan for Reform which he also discusses in this episode. Read the 10 Point Plan Here

Professor John Mendoza has made it clear that he ‘will not go silently’ as his passion for real reform and change that contributes to positive and forward action in the Mental Health Services is his mission. “I think it’s time there is some accountability on the department and the chief executive and the minister.”

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