I found it fascinating as I sat in the audience at an incredible event recently how, upon the International Speaker sharing some profound insights on how our world is at the moment, this quote came into my mind.

It’s a simple yet incredibly powerful one. Perhaps because of it’s simplicity we as the human race on Mother Earth, conveniently forget it when it suits.

The analogy of a pebble in a pond immediately brings to our mind the circle ripples. That is exactly what happens when we do, say or even think something.

For example, yesterday I was with my DaughterInLaw and the Love of my life – my Grandson – out for the afternoon at the Botanic Gardens. We stopped at a cafe to order some lunch and it was clear that the man serving us would rather be somewhere else. He had a harsh look on his face, no eye contact when we spoke with him and was very ‘angry’ in his tone. There were other diners at tables around the cafe who witnessed it and I felt they had the same experience when they ordered.

Me being the ‘Eternal Optimist’ and always wanting everyone to be happy, I virtually ‘sang’ my order to him and emphasised huge joy and happiness in my tone. No…nothing back from him..just a thrust of the credit card machine at me as he looked away.

Undeterred , after it registered, I gleefully told him how excited we were to be eating at the cafe as it was such a beautiful space to be. GOT HIM! Eye contact..briefly and an ever so slight turn of the corner of his mouth upwards. As I turned around, other diners were all smiling back and in that moment I realised….whilst my attention of the ‘pebble’ in the moment was on my ‘target’ – the grumpy guy – it was indeed everyone else around us that caught the fun, joy and happiness I was throwing out!
So, my morale of the story?

In our lives there is only the NOW. Paying that little bit extra attention in what you say, do or think in the NOW can have a profound affect on everything and everyone around you and beyond. 💖

Oh and the lunch at the cafe? Horrid! Perhaps the ‘circle’ from his ‘pebble’ he threw down as he made them🤣

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