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I saw a social media post today that was complaining (and rightfully so) that the cost of power…electricity & gas…were going up and as a result this person had to ‘keep the lights off’ to pay the bills.

Now before I continue, let me be clear that I am not saying the massively escalating pricing is something not to complain about…on the contrary…however it made me think about the analogy for our personal power and how often we ‘turn off things’ in order to ‘save or lower power’.

Let me explain.

As a woman over 50, I have often reflected of my younger days where I had dreams, goals and desires for ‘when I get older’. You know the dreams, I am sure you have had them too. Like my dream of becoming a world class violinist (yes..I did have that passion once) or my dream of living, working and loving in France (one dream I still hold on tight to today).

As a young woman I felt so ‘powerful’ and that I could do anything, be anyone I wanted to be and create whatever I dreamed of. I was aware of, and appreciated, the ‘power’ I had over my body and how it did what I wanted it to do…until it didn’t. I woke up and started many days filled with the ‘power’ to create and lead companies to succeed…until I couldn’t. I held in my heart the deep ‘power’ of love for another…with the ‘story’ of forever…until it wasn’t.

As I reflected I saw a common trait fo ‘giving up power’. Of allowing my ‘power’ to be diminished, reduced and often times ‘gaslighted’ away. There were times of my self justification that told me I actually didn’t have that ‘power’ or indeed didn’t deserve that ‘power’ within and that by letting it go life would be easier somehow.

It’s when we realise that the ‘rising of power’ comes with many challenges that we need to not ‘turn off’ in order to stop it. The challenges are tests. Tests for us to work out whether the rise is actually helping or hindering us and if the ‘power’ is actually heart based or ego based.

If it’s ego based then it will surely cause massive challenges that turn into hard lessons…hopefully lessons we learn from and grow.

The heart based ‘power’ is the one we seek and even when it is feelly difficult or challenging it is then, and always then, that we need to jump on board and ride it high! Taking he risks, working out how we can best harness the power and utilise it so that we can indeed achieve those dreams, goals and desires.

So next time you are feeling an uncomfortable ‘power rise’ within yourself I suggest before you make any changes to ‘lower the cost’ that you do what I have started to do. Sit with it for a while…checkin and see what type of rise it is. Determine its value in your life and then if it’s right…turn on all of the lights and go with it!

Jaynie Morris is an Author, Podcaster, Survivor, Speaker, Advocate for Domestic Abuse Against Women & Founder of SheroesUnlimited – Global Community for Women over 50

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