For many of us, the last 2 years feel like a lifetime. In both the Southern and Northern hemispheres, bushfires raged like never before and the toll was huge. Then we started to hear about a small virus that was affecting a community in China. At the time, it was ‘filed’ amongst all of the other ‘news alerts’ in our minds…and life continued.

Then we started to hear of increased fatalities and concern from health authorities that no one knew what this ‘virus’ was and how to treat it. What seemed like a blink of the eye…cases were reportedly popping up all around the world?

We all know what has ensued since then and I am not keen to shine a light on it here however what I do want to focus on is the bigger pandemic. The pandemic of fear and anxiety that, whilst we have all had our fair share of exposure too and indeed have lived experience of, is the silent and potentially generationally dangerous ‘killer’

Our bodies are designed to protect us no matter what.  The inbuilt ‘fight or flight’ is a special mechanism that ensures we are alerted to potential danger.  When this ‘mechanism’ is never shut off…when we are constantly in heightened ‘fight or flight’…our body gets confused and as a result starts to breakdown in all sorts of ways. Some physical, almost always mental, and most definitely eats away at our spiritual body.

I know this 1st hand because in 2012 I was given potentially 6 weeks to live. I hadn’t felt that well for quite some time however like any other woman over 50 I was putting it down to premenopausal symptoms coupled with the devastating stress and grief not dealt with from losing my Mother, wrapped up in life stress in general (including a personal one that until recent times I didn’t realise was the main cause). After presenting to Emergency and undergoing tests it was discovered that 87% of my liver was dead. After weeks of testing and deliberation including consultations with international experts, my doctors gave me the diagnosis ‘best guess – autoimmune liver disease’! Now as a Qualified Health Professional, I understand that there is research and discussions on autoimmune disease largely created from chronic stress overload – the body gets ‘tricked’ into thinking something is wrong due to chronic ‘fight or flight’ and so does a scan, finds a weak area in the body and determines it must be the cause, and starts to essentially kill it.

Fast forward to 2021.  Our global society are experiencing the biggest ‘fight or flight’ pandemic in the history of mankind.  It’s creating millions of people to being diagnosed with chronic stress related mental health issues.  Hope, Faith, Optimism, Positivity and Energy are all parts of ourselves that the mind is deleting with every day that we are exposed to more of the unknown we now live with.

People who are usually well known for their creativity, life involvement, and general contribution to others are shutting their doors, pulling down the curtains, turning off their phones and dropping to their knees.  Calling out in silence ….crying tears of despair…losing control of their senses and not knowing what to do or where to go.  

It’s the light in our life that is diminishing.  It’s the separation in our communities that we have never seen before, that is questioning our beliefs.  It’s the fear of losing control of what we and our families have worked hard to create. It’s the unknown that speaks louder right now.

So, what do we do? How can we help? How can we ‘cure’ this particular pandemic that isn’t getting news headlines?

There is no simple answer however the solution begins with each one of us. I like to use this analogy and I offer it here to you with the hope that maybe it helps you wherever you are in your world today.

When a bridge is built, the design is brought to life one brick at a time in a specific and alignment creation. If a brick is damaged or removed, it can be replaced.  If many bricks are damaged or removed all at the same time, it can be more difficult.  If all the bricks are damaged by a massive force at the same time, it can be destroyed.

Our world is like that bridge. We are at the moment where ‘bricks’ are being damaged and removed.  If we picture ourselves as those ‘bricks’ and we know we are being ‘damaged’, then we can do ‘self-repair’ so as to keep the bridge intact.

I invite you to do what I am now doing.  I am doing a self-assessment to see what ‘damage’ is occurring within me…physically, mentally, spiritually and in my heart. I am making a list of all of the things that are being ‘damaged’ through stress.  As I go through the list, I am finding ways that I can change what is affecting those areas…one small step every day.  If we can repair ourselves, we are stronger and more alive.  When we work on ourselves, we are of more use and value to our families, our communities and ultimately the world.  

Being aware of those around us and watching for ‘signs’ of any changes in their behaviour or personalities is vitally important.  You may not be having a mental challenge at this stage however be aware that many people are. A simple phone call, or random act of kindness could be the difference between someone shutting off from the world…temporarily or permanently.  Be that light for them.  Be the hope they temporarily are missing. Be that positive and optimistic conversationalist that they may not be.

If we think that we can’t make a difference, then we are simply a ‘brick’ waiting to fall.  We can make a huge difference simply by ensuring that we are strong, focused, hopeful, aligned and optimistic. The power and strength in that alone is incredible.

We are living in ever changing times, the ‘silent pandemic’ doesn’t have to be the negative legacy for the future. Now more than ever, as a global community we have a job to do within ourselves so that our future, and the future of generations to come, can be what we all deserve…abundant, joyful, loving and with linked arms.

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