I thought it was only recently that I had been increasing my thoughts about women rising up and being part of the actual change so desperately needed in our global community. Then over the recent weeks of challenges both in my country of Australia as well as across the globe, I realized that I have actually had those thoughts for year.

I have actually had those thoughts since I was a child, yet for some reason I had thought that we were making changes – that we women were actually making ‘inroads’ on all levels.

What I have discovered is that my own thoughts were deceiving me, that I have allowed my personal perception through ‘snippets’ of media here and there, to believe that women in leadership was happening. I also discovered that my inner struggle and anxiety each time another challenge arose either personally or on a national or global scale, was driven by the fact that subconsciously I knew that things had to change – yet they weren’t’.

Sheryl Sandberg – COO of Facebook – gave an excellent TEDx Talk on this exact subject which I shared on all of my social media. That 15.28 minute talk has been the catalyst to what I want to help women over 50 globally come to realize, and to also be the catalyst for them in becoming #AmbassadorsForChange and actively #bethechange for our future generations.


What did I hear that has done this? It is what you need to hear too – out of 140 Heads of State Globally only 9 are women (there is a clue to our global issues I think 😉

Only 13% of all of the Parliaments in the world are women and out of all top-level Corporate Positions including CEO’s and Board Positions it is around only 15-16% women and these figures have not changed for 18 years!

And here is the staggering fact Sheryl shared…even in the Not For Profit industry, and industry where you would think we women would be highly acknowledged and major Decision makers and Leaders only 20% are at top positions? 20%! Does that fact alone surprise you because it sure as heck did me! The full talk link is at the bottom of this BLOG and I urge you to check it out.

So here are the questions – Why are we women not changing those statistics? Why are we women not being the change? Who is holding us back? Are we even trying to get there? Or the big 2 questions that are bound to create a stir – Are we women ‘all talk’ and not actually wanting to be there? And Why don’t we women SUPPORT other women in their efforts to be Leaders if that is what they want?



Now let me be clear, I am not suggesting for one minute that men aren’t creating change and contributing to the future. I know so many that are devoting every moment of their lives to genuinely achieving this. What I am saying is that what I see is that in order for us to change those statistics … in order for us to stop and decrease the damage happening in our communities worldwide on nearly every level … then we women need to start being actively part of that change!

If women don’t want to be in roles of Leadership corporately, politically, not for profit industry wise etc. then that is more than ok … they still have the power to #bethechange by supporting, celebrating, promoting and encouraging those women that are putting their hand up! All too often I have seen those women who do want to rise up, get a backlash from other women in the form of put down and ways that I would never expect to see from us girls. We girls, especially we Sheroes can change this. We can really make a difference no matter how small or big.

Women have a huge opportunity to make the next few years the time when we unite, support, encourage and be happy for each other to contribute to positive change. Positive, sustainable and genuine change.

And for those women who are working hard at attaining those roles of Leadership in their chosen areas I say do not stop! Do not be discouraged! Do not listen to the negative ‘voices’ from others. Remember this – if you decided that you want to contribute and #bethechange then that is the ‘voice’ that you need … and we all support you no matter what.

Women over 50 – Sheroes as I like to call us – have the greatest opportunity of all. We have decades of experience and we have our inner ‘knowing’ of what is right. We know how to get things done that helps everyone and we ‘feel’ it when we know things aren’t right and when people with the wrong intentions are involved.

So as a proud Sheroes, I can see that the pathway ahead is filled with change and mobilizing we women over 50 to be a part of that is the answer. Younger women need us to be the Sage Lights for them. We need to help them achieve their goals with confidence and hope for the future. It’s our time girls … let’s not let them down.

– Heart Hugs, Jaynie xxx

Jaynie Morris

Jaynie Morris is an Author, Speaker and Advocate for Women over 50.  She is the Founder of SheroesUnlimited Global Community for Women Over 50. 

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