Music is one of my most favorite things in the whole world! (well almost as ‘favourite’ as hot chocolate soufflé with a big dollop of vanilla cream!)

I’m pretty sure the ‘music genes’ come from my Mum who had an amazing voice and could play the piano beautifully.  I remember weekend nights, here and I sitting on the piano stool singing and her teaching me how to harmonize (still my ‘go to’ when in a crowd … harmonizing that is not sitting on a stool ha-ha!)

As I grew older, I had the luxury of having the house to myself after school before Mum would come home from work, so I would set up the record player (yes with real ‘vinyl’ … such a treat) and a pretend microphone in my hand.  Imagination is such a fabulous thing … all of those crowds in my living room cheering ‘more! More!’ at the end of each song!

As a teenager, I wasn’t known to be too shy when the radio and music shows on the television were on which lead me to a fabulous period in my life as a ‘backing singer’. Casual work in recording studios and even learning the ropes on ‘voice over’ work … I loved it all!

As an adult, I am challenged by the ‘retro’ music and commentators on radio and television suggesting that the music most loved (in my early years) was headlined by The Beatles. I must admit I’m probably the only one who didn’t warm to their music much … except for one song – ‘Yesterday’.

I’ve never known why it has always had such an effect on me until recently … and surprisingly it has nothing to do with the music!

The lyrics…the words of the song … when you really pay attention to them, have a powerful message in them.  As our world seems to be speeding up and ‘change’ is the new ‘normal’, life as I knew it seems to be in the distance.  Talking with some of my girlfriends, they are feeling the same way. There appears to be so much ‘worry about tomorrow’ … and the ‘what if’s’. The focus of living in the moment, enjoying life and being grateful for everything no matter how small seems to be diminishing everywhere.  Hope, optimism and joy … where are they?

Driving home from visiting the girls I pondered this and what should come on the radio – ‘The Beatles – Yesterday’! Ok … so I took it as a sign.  Listening to the words and then turning the radio off when finished I pondered where we are all at in our lives at the moment. And that was the answer … ’our lives at the moment’.  For the next 24 hours, I did nothing except ‘live in the moment’. I didn’t concern myself with tomorrow…or yesterday…or next week or next year! Just every part of the 24 hours and you know what?  It was amazing! I ‘remembered’ what life and living are about. Too deep? Perhaps … or maybe perfect timing 😉 

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