Hands up if you have been to a seminar or heard a speaker say ‘do what you love!’ ‘love what you do!’

The usual ‘instant’ reactions happen. ‘I would LOVE to do what I LOVE but it won’t pay the bills!’…’If I did what I LOVE instead of what I am doing, the kids wouldn’t clean their rooms…dinner wouldn’t get cooked…holidays wouldn’t get paid for’ ….’I want to do what I LOVE…I am going to find a way!’….’I did what I LOVED once and I felt great!’ ….you get where we are going with this.

We had a catchup with some SheroesUnlimited Members recently and one of them said that she was so happy, as a woman over 50 she had finally discovered what she really wanted to do in life and took a ‘leap of faith’! And now she is LOVING what she is doing, she is loving her life and the most surprising thing to her….everything she had been worried about for years just disappeared.  It seemed that once she focused on doing what she LOVED and what made her excited to get up every day, that everything else in her life started being more joyous, abundant and peaceful.

Now we totally understand that there are lots of circumstances, especially when it comes to work, career and making money, that we find we have to do.  Many of those circumstances, if we are to be honest with ourselves, aren’t what we LOVE to do however we do it out of necessity and that’s ok.

The key is, when you are in those circumstances to invest some time being really honest with yourself and writing down what you would really LOVE to do.  Writing things down also helps to create more of a strong vision in our minds which in turn can start a ‘trigger’ that let’s our subconscious know we are in the creating mode.

When you start to write down, and what we mean by that is just write…anything…as much as you like and don’t judge yourself when you write, ask yourself this question – “if money was no object what would I REALLY LOVE to be doing?” Also ask yourself – “if there were absolutley no blockages or barriers in my way…what would I LOVE to be doing/being/creating with my life?”

You would be surprised how powerful this simple excercise can be.  We often allow distractions and complicated thoughts and fears block the most simplest of pathways in our lives.

So, why not try this. We would love to hear from you on what it is you would really LOVE to be doing with your life and also what happened when you did this writing excercise so COMMENT below or send us an email info@boomerbabeslife.com.au

In the meantime….LOVE your day, your LIFE wants you too!

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